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Exciting New Opportunities
for CSRA Annual Meeting Supporters

Check out two new ways to engage the State Retail Associations
during the 2023 Meeting in San Diego!

  • Private Sessions with the SRAs  – Sponsors of $7500 and above will have the opportunity to have private discussions with SRAs who will be divided into three rooms – self selected into Blue, Purple and Red States based on the political balance in their statehouses.   You will have a set amount of closed session time to discuss whatever you choose with the SRAs – public policy, hot issues, strategy, corporate affairs, etc.  You will be encouraged to provide leave behind collateral materials.   You will be receiving critical feedback from like minded SRAs on roadblocks and opportunities in their states.   CSRA has time set aside on Tuesday and Wednesday morning for these sessions; exact time will be determined by the number of sponsors who take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Afternoon Networking on the Beach – Sponsor a “cabana” on Tuesday afternoon – where everyone will gather for lunch and the entire afternoon, going between sponsored cabanas for beverages and snacks.   After the morning programming, CSRA will host a grilled chicken/salad lunch, and then invite attendees to network among the sponsored cabanas.  Sponsors are encouraged to provide beverages, snacks, treats, giveaways, and network network network.   A relaxed, collegial and worthwhile working afternoon.

CSRA will provide tables and umbrellas.   Sponsors are encouraged to get creative with décor, furnishings and food/beverage.   This is an exclusive sponsorship opportunity with limited space available.   The hotel will assist with rental company and menu options.

  • This year, there will not be a “goody bag” given out at registration.  If you are a canopy sponsor, you may want to provide a giveaway there.   We are seeking one sponsor for a “beach bag” to give to every attendee.   Interested?  Contact Bev Lynch at

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