Scholarship Policy

All state executives in need of a scholarship must complete an application request. All applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the meeting start date. Itemized receipts for reimbursement must be received no later than thirty (30) days after the meeting. A reimbursement, up to and not exceeding, $750.00 will be provided for each scholarship applicant. The application request should include the name of state executive, association and association budget and identify if the executive is requesting reimbursement for travel, hotel, or both. All receipts must be submitted no later than 30 days after the meeting.

Reimbursement criteria:
  • Scholarships shall only be available to state retail association executives with annual association budgets less than $300,000.

  • An executive may limit the amount of scholarship reimbursement options he/she chooses to accept. For example, if a state executive can fund hotel accommodations but not an airline ticket, the airline ticket will be reimbursed based on the criteria stated above. Airline or car travel to the meeting will be reimbursed. The lowest room rate for accommodations will be reimbursed. Only nights of the actual event dates are reimbursed.


  • The following items will not be reimbursed:

o Shuttle and/or car rental fees

o Additional activity registration fees (guest registration fees, golf, tours, etc.)

o Food or beverages that are not included with the meeting registration

  • By accepting the scholarship, the recipient agrees to serve on the annual meeting planning committee at least once within three years of receiving the scholarship. If the recipient receives the scholarship more than once in three years, they must serve at least once in three years from the date of the first scholarship.

  • Exceptions to this reimbursement policy may be determined by the CSRA executive committee.


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