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Setting the Course, Expanding the Network

Please See Below For Session Recording and Materials

Speaker - Tanya Menon, Associate Professor, Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

Tanya Menon is fascinated that in a time when we can instantaneously connect with nearly the whole world, we often instead filter our relationships even more narrowly. As such, we get stuck in dead ends, missing out on new people, ideas and opportunities. Menon and her collaborators have studied the mundane feelings and innocuous daily habits that cause people to remain in their social comfort zone and produce this polarization to explore ways that we can be more intentional about navigating the social world. Menon’s goal is to create new ways for people to connect with each other so they can live richer, more creative lives.

Tanya's timely presentation will help you:

  • Understand how to build your social network to expand your opportunities.

  • Identify ways that you can build new concepts and ideas and share information with others.

  • Inspire others while asking for assistance.

  • Remove barriers that may be holding you back from expanding your network.

  • Have confidence putting yourself out there to increase your social presence.

Thank you to our 2020-2021 NAVIGATE sponsors:

Hill staff founds ‘Little Congress’
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How Socioeconomic Status Impacts the Way We Network
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Talk Takeaways - Expanding the Network
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Tanya Presentation
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What Life Looks Like on the Other Side of the Coronavirus - The Atlantic
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