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PERSPECTIVES: Protect Consumers & Retailers with Marketplace Transparency

December 2, 1:00 pm Eastern Hosted and Sponsored by Walgreens, RILA and Home Depot

The anonymity of online marketplaces has made it easier and more lucrative to sell stolen and counterfeit products. The result has been a surge in organized retail crime targeting local retailers and a flood of counterfeit, unsafe and illicit products sold to unsuspecting consumers.

To reverse this trend, lawmakers must modernize consumer protection laws to create greater transparency to track and prevent illicit sales. Implementing common-sense measures that promote transparency and accountability will protect consumers and local retailers. Join the government affairs teams from Walgreens, The Home Depot and RILA to discuss legislative efforts in 2021 to protect consumers and retailers from this growing problem.

Additional background: COVID-19 has accelerated many industry trends in both physical retail and e-commerce. Online marketplaces operated by big tech companies have seen exponential growth. And, while these third-party platforms have their place in an increasingly diverse and digital economy often connecting legitimate small businesses to a large and growing pool of online shoppers, they have also become a favorite for unscrupulous sellers and criminals to unload counterfeit and stolen goods. Stolen, counterfeit, expired and defective products, goods made with unsafe levels of chemical substances, and items that do not meet US quality and safety standards have flooded dominant online marketplaces. Absent reform, consumers, legitimate businesses, and valued American brands employing millions of workers will continue to be harmed.

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