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Corporate Responsibility During COVID-19, Social Unrest and the 2020 Election

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A once-in-a-century pandemic, protests in cities across America for racial equity and an election with voter engagement at record levels and even greater polarization. All three have impacted retailers in a myriad of ways from not only a policy standpoint, but also when it comes to community relations and workforce engagement. With all the challenges that 2020 has offered more has been demanded of corporations to actively participate in the discourse of corporate and social responsibility. This will likely be a trend that lasts beyond the troubles of this year and Target would like to discuss how these issues produced opportunities for stakeholder engagement, revising policy priorities and developing new advocacy tactics.

  1. Racial Equity and Justice - Talk through the experience with stakeholders in Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd and how the events of this summer transformed policy priorities for the government affairs team.

  2. COVID-19 - Talk about the different ways we addressed COVID with our workforce (safety, leave, etc) and how we used that in our advocacy. Also, discuss how to educate legislators on the proactive measures retailers are taking when addressing unique restrictions (public health councils, contact tracing, etc).

  3. 2020 Election - Discuss GOTV campaigns and new ways Target got employees involved in the voting process.

Inclusion Slides
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NCRMA DI Initiatives 8.3.20
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