Council of State Retail Associations (CSRA)

The Council of State Retail Associations (CSRA) acts as a portal for communications between all state retail associations across the country primarily concerning state legislation and regulations affecting the retail industry. CSRA helps state retail associations better serve their members. By creating opportunities for state retail associations to share legislative successes, strategies, potential coalition members, and arguments to defeat or pass legislation, retailers can feel confident that their state retail association will be armed with information to help key policy and decision-makers pass supportive legislation on behalf of the retail industry.

CSRA also provides its members with tools to successfully manage their associations. CSRA members share best practices to support their retail members in areas such as membership benefits, marketing, and advocacy.


Advancing Our SRA’s and their Associations

Image by Kristin Wilson

Cheers to NEW and YOU in 2022!

Ten years ago, I walked into my first CSRA event, fresh on the job in Minnesota. I had no idea the CSRA Annual Meeting was about to be one of the best professional decisions I could have made.  Over the years I have learned so much from state retail association peers and retail friends—some of who were brand new to the industry and others who were veterans.

CSRA and the relationships resulting from involvement have made me a stronger professional and honestly a better person. Because of this, I am truly honored to serve as chair of the 2022 CSRA Board of Directors, following the great leadership of Cailey Locklair from Maryland (2021 chair) and in advance of Erin Sigrist from Vermont (2023 chair).  Rounding out the 2022 CSRA officers is treasurer Scott Shalley of Florida (2024 chair). The officers join a dedicated Board of Directors committed to you—our state retail association professionals and our retail partners!

Bruce Nustad

Thanks to the stewardship of past and current CSRA Board members, the volunteer leaders which include many of our peers, and the support of our retail stakeholders, CSRA is positioned to be in a place where the Board has charted a course summed up as “An Investment in NEW in 2022 – You, Your Members and Your Association”.

Through the able hands of our innovating and driving Executive Director Beverly Lynch, and our creative change consultant Brian Riggs, CSRA is rolling out new funding initiatives that directly and individually support professional development and branding/marketing development at state associations as well as new ways to learn with and from each other.

I am excited about 2022 and look forward to seeing what we can do together to better the retail industry for our members. Thank you for the opportunity to chair CSRA during this exciting time, and I look forward to seeing you at the CSRA Annual Meeting in Minnesota this August!


Bruce Nustad

President, Minnesota Retailers Association

Chairman, Council of State Retail Associations